Go Wakeboarding

Go Wakeboarding and Learn from the Pros!

Go wakeboarding or waterskiing in January? In Ontario? No problem – just head to the world's largest indoor lake for boaters to check out the action and sign up for fun on the water!

Guided by expert instructors from Boarder Pass, you can receive hands-on wakeboarding instruction.

When you arrive at the show, make your way to the east entrance to The Lake (connected to Cottage Country) to sign up. There are sessions each day, with participation on a first-come, first-served basis.

No experience required but should feel comfortable in the water and be able to swim. All equipment provided; boards, dry suits and lifejackets.

Note to parents: Even with dry suits, there is no guarantee that kids will stay 100% dry. You may want to bring a bathing suit for them to wear under the dry suit.

Click here for 2018 Lake Schedule.

Save time by filling out the waiver in advance and bringing it with you:

  • Check back for Adult waiver
  • Check back for Family waiver


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