How to Make Safe Teak and Holly Cabin Sole 



Alexei Pachkevitch

How to Make Safe Teak and Holly Cabin Sole 

The classy look of teak and holly cabin sole is attractive and will elevate your boat's resale value. But the shinier it looks, the slippery it is. There is a way to make it glossy and non-slippery at the same time. Alexei will show you how to pattern new cabin sole, and how to make it durable, nice looking, and safe in dry and wet conditions. 


Alexei Pashkevich is by education and experiences an aquatic ecologist. For many years he has worked as a research scientist on the lakes and rivers of the USSR. In recent years, Alexei and his wife Elena have completed numerous trips to the 1000 Islands Park and many ports on Lake Ontario. In 2011 they sailed from Toronto to Quebec City and back. In the summer of 2013 they cruised from Toronto to Thunder Bay and returned through the North Channel and the Severn-Trenton Canal. Alexei successfully operates Great Lakes Sailing School: Alexei graduated the New-York Institute of Photography. He has used his photography to capture special moments during his travels, the beauty of the Canadian wilderness, and the free spirit of traveling by sail. 

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