Deep Cycle Marine Battery Selection, Maintenance & Storage



Jeff Myles

Deep Cycle Marine Battery Selection, Maintenance & Storage

This workshop will cover proper deep cycle battery bank sizing and selection for marine applications as well as discussing the use of various battery types (flooded, AGM, GEL) in the marine industry.  We will review general battery installation procedures and demonstrate the necessary maintenance steps to check battery health, maintain battery capacity and cycle life. We will answer common questions, provide troubleshooting tips and explain how to identify battery-related issues early on to avoid premature cell or battery failure.  Seasonal users will benefit from useful tips and recommendations for battery preparation and storage in the off-season.


With a background in finance and IT software sales, Jeff Myles joined the team at Surrette Battery Company Limited in 2009 as Marketing Manager.  Primarily overseeing brand development, Jeff manages print & online advertising and offers support to Rolls Battery Distributors and Dealers in the Marine, Renewable Energy, Motive Power and Railroad markets around the world.  In addition to his Marketing role, Jeff also provides support as part of the Rolls Battery Technical Services team, offering troubleshooting and warranty assistance to battery dealers, installers, maintenance personnel and end-users.

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