Boat Safe…Not Sorry!



Sgt Karen Harrington

Boat Safe…Not Sorry!

Everyone wants an enjoyable day on the water…police included! This workshop will discuss why paying attention to being properly equipped, even with the basics, is the best way to start any outing on the water. Learn about what the laws require and what OPP marine officers are most concerned about. Lifejacket or PFD’s, what’s best, what to look for? Can I or my guests consume alcohol onboard? When can the kids start operating motorized boats? These are just some of the common inquiries that will be answered.


Sergeant Karen Harrington is a 30 year member of the Ontario Provincial Police who has dedicated the majority of her career to marine policing. She serves as the Provincial Marine Coordinator overseeing officer training, vessel deployments and works with safety advocates, industry and government agencies in support of safe boating activities. Earlier days had her patrolling the waters around in and around Orillia, Ontario.

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