Holding Tank Treatment Truths



Peter Bristow

Holding Tank Treatment Truths

Boating allows us to experience nature at its finest … sometimes with some pretty offensive odours! Why does the tank stink so much? Why do we have to use special toilet paper? Why have my sensors stopped working? Why has my marina banned chemical toilet treatments? Come to this seminar and get the answers to these questions along with a complete explanation of how toilet treatments work and how you can make them work better!


Peter fell in love with the boating lifestyle when he got his first boat at age 6 while cottaging in Parry Sound.  Since then he has never been far from the water.  Today Peter and his family enjoy boating Lake Simcoe and the beautiful Trent-Severn Waterway.  As co-owner of Aqua-Tek, the fastest growing cleaners and treatments company in Canada, he lives and breathes all aspects of boating every day. His favourite saying is “work is only work if you’re not having fun” and he certainly has a passion for what he does!

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