A Family Sails Around the World



Pam Wall

A Family Sails Around the World

Have you ever dreamed of sailing around the world with your family?  Pam Wall with her husband and two small children followed their dreams of seeing the world from the deck of their 39 foot sloop.  Share Pam’s adventures aboard her boat as she and her family circumnavigate the world.  Watching two young children grow up aboard a small boat is not only fascinating, but educational as well.  See the family’s enthusiasm for this wonderful lifestyle in a slide presentation that will make you want to cast off!


Chicago was the town where Pam spent her youth sailing with her family and wishing for a life filled with adventure aboard a boat. She met Andy Wall shortly after he rounded Cape Horn in a 30 foot timber sloop back in 1967. Their honeymoon was sailing across the Atlantic to Europe and return Pam and her husband, Andy, later built their own Freya 39 sloop. After taking their two small children around the world on their boat KANDARIK, Pam worked at the West Marine store in Fort Lauderdale for 20 years as Cruising Consultant and Outfitting Manager. Pam started the Outfitting Program at West Marine where she helped fellow sailors get fully prepared for offshore cruising. Pam not only helps cruisers have the right equipment for blue water sailing, but she is also a source for information on the cruising lifestyle, routes and sailing information, and helping to encourage new cruisers. Her Web-Site: www.pamwall.com has a lot of useful cruising information that is always available. You can reach Pam at pam@pamwall.com for her personalized consulting.

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