Buying a Foreign Boat - Unencumbered By The Thought Process



Michael Lahrkamp

Buying a Foreign Boat - Unencumbered By The Thought Process

This is the lighthearted story of buying a foreign boat, legal and practical logistics, crewing, planning and the actual sail bringing her to Toronto. We’ll explore what it takes to make it all happen including registration, insurance, sailing, trucking, costs, lessons learned, what worked and what didn’t. Questions for potential crew. We’ll touch on the misadventures that began in Turkey and progressed through the beautiful Mediterranean, then on to the Canary Islands and crossing the Atlantic. We’ll touch on scenic Caribbean islands and stunning out islands of the Bahamas and finally on to Florida and trucking up to Toronto.


His first boat was a Catalina 27 in Ottawa in the 1980s. Successive boats included a Beneteau 411 kept in the Caribbean for a number of years enjoying the trade winds, warm waters and sunshine. Having the racing bug and crewing on local boats, Michael finally stepped up to the plate and acquired a Beneteau First 40. This past year’s racing included a 1st place finish for the LOSHR 100 Mile.

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