How Meteorologists Put Their Forecasts Together



Lee Chesneau

How Meteorologists Put Their Forecasts Together

Today’s weather forecasting is the application of current technology & science to predict the state of the atmosphere for a future time & a given location. Weather forecasts are made by collecting as much data as possible about the current state of the atmosphere (aloft & on the surface). Utilizing the understanding of atmospheric processes, professional meteorologists determine how the atmosphere evolves in the future. In the marine environment, as it affects boaters the most, “marine meteorologists” are particularly interested in actual specific observations such as air & sea water temperature, dew point, barometric pressure, & wind; in addition, there is the range of weather conditions from light drizzle to heavy rain & fog impacting visibility along with oceanographic sea state conditions considerations. Given the chaotic nature of the atmosphere & the incomplete understanding of the exact total processes involved, simply means that weather forecasts become less accurate as the range & length of time of the forecast increases. This would be especially true if the initial conditions were not accurate. This seminar will give much better insight as to the complexities of what not only what goes into a marine weather forecast, but the human intelligence behind them, thus, a better appreciation of the name behind the forecast (accountability).


Lee Chesneau is senior marine meteorologist & graduate from one of the elite US universities that offer degrees in meteorology; the University of Wisconsin (Madison). His Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree in Meteorology was Lee’s ticket to a distinguished & extensive career with several line office with NOAA, with some 20 years at Ocean Prediction Center. Lee also served as a U.S. Navy civilian Ship Routing Officer, a “Route Analyst” for a major commercial ship routing company (Oceanroutes, Inc.), & his first career start as a naval officer, where he served at several U.S. Navy Fleet Weather Centers (Rota, SP, & Norfolk, VA, later at Pearl Harbor, HI, as a senior civilian meteorologist engaging with worldwide routing of Navy combatant & civilian contract shipping). He also served on an aircraft carrier as the ship’s meteorological & oceanographic officer (USS Guam LPH-9). Today, Lee in addition to being a highly seasoned & experienced professional marine meteorologist is an experienced U.S. Coast Guard certified instructor for STCW basic & advanced meteorology at continuing training institutions for professional mariners ((MITAGS & STAR Center, & Maritime Institute). He offers the same curriculum to educate & train commercial fishing & recreational boaters on becoming self-reliant in their own marine weather knowledge & weather forecasting & strategic vessel routing, & prudent decision making. Lee is a key speaker at numerous boat shows & symposia & and has his own company: Lee Chesneau’s Marine Weather He can be reached by e-mail:

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