Family Cruising: The Boat, Homeschooling, and Life Afloat



Natalia Castagna & Ernesto, Camila, Matias Novillo

Family Cruising: The Boat, Homeschooling, and Life Afloat

Once the decision to go cruising is made, a family faces crucial decisions that will shape their life afloat. They need to pick a boat that will be comfortable at anchor, safe under way, and fast enough to keep up with their friends. The boat needs to be equipped and maintained. As well, the kids’ education must remain a priority in family life - homeschooling will shape the family’s daily routine but the effort will pay off immensely. Explore with us our choices, some good, some less than good, and how a family can experience intense happiness in their life afloat.


Natalia and Ernesto emigrated to Canada in 2000. The dream of cruising started when Ernesto was 15 years old and stayed strong in his mind even while living in the Prairies for 7 years. After Camila and Matias were born, the planning and preparations started. In 2012 they bought Taia, an experienced cruising boat that had already crossed the Atlantic and sailed the Mediterranean. Taia was home from mid 2013 to mid 2016. They sailed the ICW, the Bahamas, the Thorny Path, the Eastern Caribbean, and the Western Caribbean in the most intense three years they have experienced. Now they enjoy all the comforts of modern suburban life in the Greater Toronto Area.

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