All Female Exploration Crew Circumnavigate GB



Diane Reid & Melissa Mayhew

All Female Exploration Crew Circumnavigate GB

Hear the story of the all woman crew who set off on a mission to circumnavigate Great Britain on Sea Dragon, a 72 foot sailboat. Their goal, to engage in the incredible adventure of sailing the Irish Sea, North Sea and English Channel while conducting scientific research on ocean plastics pollution and sharing their findings with people along the way. What they found will amaze you! Hear about the challenges of sailing with amateur crew, 35 knots of wind in tight crushing conditions, a trip up the Thames Estuary with a rare passage under Tower Bridge and even a peak at the Loch Ness monster! All of this while trawling for plastics and conducting science experiments along the way.


Melissa and Diane are Toronto based sailors with a passion for the ocean. They each have special talents that they brought to this great adventure. Melissa is an environmental scientist and project manager specialising in nuclear waste combined with a background in studying human interaction with terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Diane is an ocean racing Skipper with 80,000 miles, specialising in teaching sailing, racing and taking people across oceans….who have never sailed before. Together, they brought their talents to the Exxpedition Round Great Britain adventure along with 34 other women onboard Sea Dragon a Challenge 72.

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