Sailing in British Columbia is Awesome!



Kurt Wege

Sailing in British Columbia is Awesome!

Sailing on the coast of British Columbia is unparalleled. Experienced sailors will learn how to really sail once they have been exposed to the waters of the Strait of Georgia off mainland BC and beyond. It is all there - big tides, currents and water - and let's not forget about the pretty little coves, bays and anchorages that are found among the islands, inlets and mountains. Sailing in BC encompasses the wild and woolly of a beautiful natural environment as well as the civilized and urbane of small coastal towns and villages - from bracing and gale force winds to bagpipe serenades from the hillside while at anchor.


Kurt is an experienced International Sail and Power Association (ISPA) and Sail Canada (SC) trained sailor and instructor. He instructs courses to the Offshore with Celestial Navigation level. Kurt's interest and passion for all things British Columbia and Navigation will provide you with a solid knowledge of Sailing in BC and a practical application of Navigation and Passage Making.

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