Sustainable Oceans and Climate Change: Implications for Boaters



Pamela Bendall

Sustainable Oceans and Climate Change: Implications for Boaters

Ocean sustainability is the single most important challenge facing our planet today. NO BLUE. NO GREEN. Offshore sailor and ocean sustainability enthusiast Pamela Bendall highlights the serious demise of our oceans that she’s witnessed during her 35 years of sailing in most regions of the globe. Her informative and enlightening presentation addresses the major ocean concerns, and develops meaningful solutions for mariners, politicians, environmental enthusiasts, and educators. You will be enlightened and compelled by this performance to change the way you think and behave!


Toronto born/Vancouver based Pamela (Roy) Bendall has sailed for more than 30 years over 100,000 ocean miles to more than 100 countries – many solo. Now a grandmother, and full time cruiser she loves to write about her experiences and entertain audiences with her sailing adventures and passion for sustainable oceans.

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