A Practical Primer for Celestial Navigation



Kurt Wege

A Practical Primer for Celestial Navigation

How to apply Celestial Navigation for practical on the water application for the purposes of emergency backup navigation, or for the fun of it. Celestial Navigation, once the basics have been learned and understood, can be an easy and fun way to navigate larger waters - to locate yourself and achieve landfall from these open waters with great accuracy. Learn how to easily develop and obtain navigational fixes using celestial bodies such as the Sun, Moon, some Planets and selected Stars. Gain an understanding and be amazed by the workings of the natural universe. Be surprised by easily you can use these celestial bodies, that are in some cases incomprehensible distances away from us - to locate yourself on a big ocean. It is all highly practical and also quite magical.


Kurt is an experienced International Sail and Power Association (ISPA) and Sail Canada (SC) trained sailor and instructor. He instructs courses to the Offshore with Celestial Navigation level. Kurt's interest and passion for all things British Columbia and Navigation will provide you with a solid knowledge of Sailing in BC and a practical application of Navigation and Passage Making.

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