ICW (Part 2): Destinations, Anchorages and Problem Areas



Wally Moran

ICW (Part 2): Destinations, Anchorages and Problem Areas

The second hour of the two hour First Timers' Guide to Sailing South seminar discusses in detail the destinations you will come to on the ICW, the marinas and anchorages best suited to an easy passage, and the various problem areas known for shoaling, high current or other challenges to safe passage. The second hour of this seminar will provide you with location specific data which only someone as experienced on the ICW as Wally is would have at hand, and the resources - chartbooks, guides and websites you should know about - to research this information yourself as your trip gets closer. This second hour of the two hour seminar is designed for the cruiser planning on leaving in the next year to two years. A Q&A session will follow to answer anything Wally might have missed that's of concern to you.


Wally will have just completed his 31st ICW passage prior to his arrival at the Toronto International Boat Show, after having led some 17 boats south in the Sail to the Sun ICW Rally, his fourth rally format trip south on the ICW. Following the show, he will again sail to the Bahamas - after repainting his boat that is. When he's not sailing, he writes for various sailing and boating publications, including Cruising World, who published his feature article on the ICW in their September 2017 edition, and has produced several videos for The Sailing Channel. Wally particularly enjoys answering the questions of new cruisers at his seminars. Those heading south in the fall of 2018 will be especially interested in learning more about the ICW rally going south to Miami that he will be leading for the fourth time.  Wally blogs his cruising adventures at http://bloggingtheICW.blogspot.com and also has a highly enjoyable Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/SailorsandCruisers/ if you'd like to join him online. Those wanting more information on the Sail to the Sun ICW Rally can click through to www.ICWally.com

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