A Family of 5 Circumnavigates



Cornelia Manske & Michael, Zoe, Maia, Liam Buratynsky

A Family of 5 Circumnavigates

The adventure: 7 years, 35,000 Nautical Miles, 35 Countries on our 47' ketch 'Gromit'. We began as a scattered family of 5, learning how to live aboard and sail on oceans, and over time, became a 5-person team. There were highlights and low moments. The greatest joy however: sharing these exciting adventures of life aboard and abroad with our 3 children. We've had incredible and unforgettable experiences that shaped us in ways we never expected!


We started small in our 20s - an Olympic 470 - 4.7 metres (15 feet) and with one big jump in our 40s, we landed in a 47' Olympic Adventure blue water cruiser. Michael pointed out that we simply moved the decimal point! The dream started in the early 1990s, with a 7 year plan that the two of us would sail the world. Our family of 2 grew to a family of 5 and alas, our dream faded....until 2002, when it was rekindled with a bang! Three years later, having never sailed anything but dinghies, we climbed aboard our blue water cruiser. After a season in Georgian Bay, we widened our driveway and brought Gromit home for the big refit. For three years we worked, we dreamed, we despaired and finally we succeeded, so that in 2008, with our kids aged 6,7 and 10, we sailed out of Hamilton Harbour, Ontario, for the adventure of a lifetime!

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