In Pursuit of A Dream



David Forsyth

In Pursuit of A Dream

In Pursuit of A Dream describes a sailing novice’s approach to turning a long-deferred fantasy into reality. The author of Too Cold for Mermaids offers his own experience as a template to guide would-be cruisers toward the fulfilment of their dreams. Aimed at those with limited sailing experience, the presentation inspires through practical advice and anecdotes. Who hasn’t dreamed of sailing away without having to return to work in week or two? Follow along as the author recounts his passages, both as a crewmember on the yachts of others, and as skipper of his own twenty-nine foot sloop, Alice Rose. This hour is about dreaming, and finding ways to nudge your dreams toward reality.


David J. Forsyth was born just as the Second World War ended and grew up in Wentworth County, at the head of Lake Ontario. As a boy he constructed a crude raft with which to explore the creek that flowed through a neighbour’s farm. Canoes, kayaks and outboards followed, but his fantasy of sailing to far off places on his own sailboat lay dormant for much of his life. Finally, as a middle-aged father, Forsyth found the determination to learn to sail, to navigate, and to effectively pursue his dream. Within a few years, he acquired the boat of his dreams and found himself two days out, on the Gulf of Maine, fighting a torn mainsail at night while a gale raged around him.

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