Yacht Charter Vacations - Antigua



Greg Marlo

Yacht Charter Vacations - Antigua

A private yacht charter is a fantastic way for family and friends to spend time together with abundant activities to keep everyone occupied while being surprisingly cost effective. Imagine waking every morning to breath-taking views of a new location offering the exclusive opportunity to create your dream vacation without the restraints of a fixed location, strict itineraries and tourist-packed excursions. If you’re thinking about a yacht charter or a destination for the first time, it will seem a little daunting. This presentation will provide information on costs, destinations, useful tips and how to go about planning a motor or sailing yacht vacation. Handouts on destinations, useful tips, information and guidelines for yacht charters will be provided. Who should attend this presentation? Any boating or travel enthusiast that has been thinking about going on a yacht vacation with friends or family. This presentation is an excellent introduction for first time vacation boaters and experienced boaters alike.


Greg Marlo is an avid yachtsman and accomplished pilot. He is founder of Yacht And Crew Holiday Travel Solutions and YACHT Solutions that provide consulting and brokerage services to clients using private yachts. His experience crewing, chartering and owning a boat in a charter program has given him a diverse knowledge that he enjoys sharing with people. Managing up to 7 charter boats in a Fractional Yachting Program in the GTA and organizing group trips of 50 people or more for a sailing vacation, has given him a diverse perspective on the charter market. He is considered an expert in the Fractional usage and ownership markets of aviation and marine products, having help launch new companies and working with the largest most successful fractional operators in the world such as NetJets. Frequently attending boat shows and cruising some of best boating destinations in the world keeps him current with the latest products and trends. His passion for boating comes through in the articles he writes, speaks and BLOG’s about.

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