Making it to The FINISH Line



Brent Hughes

Making it to The FINISH Line

Many people say that getting to the starting line is 80% of racing.  While that may be true, now that you're there, how will you make sure that you make it to the FINISH line?  For so many, the weeks and months of planning that go into a long distance race end far too quickly after the starting gun goes off, or just miles away from the finish line.  And for most, the reasons that they do not finish are entirely avoidable.  Join Brent Hughes in this fun and light-hearted talk as he discusses many of the key aspects of making it around the course, and successfully to the finish line, whether you're sailing Solo, Double Handed, or Fully Crewed. 


Brent Hughes is a lifelong sailor from Frenchman's Bay Yacht Club in Pickering ON who has participated in numerous long distance races on the Great Lakes, Atlantic Ocean, and the Caribbean.  Brent currently campaigns his 1974 C&C 35 "Pearl" solo, on Lake Ontario, sailing her over 18,800 nm in the past 14 seasons.  Having sailed and raced in fully crewed, double-handed, and solo divisions, he is keenly aware of the challenges that face each area of a campaign, and what it takes to "make it to the finish line".  Brent's main goal in every long distance race he has entered is simply to finish, and to this date, he has finished EVERY single distance race that he's entered.

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