Down East Loop: A 3 Season Adventure



Sterling & Christine Bown

Down East Loop: A 3 Season Adventure

Ever want to do the Down East Loop, but thought that you have to wait until retirement?  Why not do the journey over 3 seasons? In July 2015, Sterling, Christine and Noah left downtown Ottawa on their Meridian 411 yacht, Knotica 3 , to start a journey to PEI via the Ottawa River and St. Lawrence River.  Over the next 2 summers they would work their way to Bras d'Or Lake, Halifax, down the Eastern seaboard to New York City, and back up the Hudson River and Erie and Oswego Canal system to Lake Ontario.  Their final leg took them up the Rideau river system to Ottawa in July of 2017.  Join Sterling, Christine and Noah as they share their experiences and adventure of completing the Down East Loop in a power boat with a pre-schooler!


Sterling, Christine, and 6 year old Noah Bown live and work in Ottawa but their boating adventures have taken them to the Thousand Islands, St. Lawrence River, Lake Ontario, Atlantic Canada and the US Eastern Seaboard.  Before Noah was born they lived in Vancouver for a couple years and boated the Gulf islands and Sunshine Coast.  Sterling is an ISPA certified Coaster Skipper and has completed numerous boating and navigation courses.  Christine has also completed several boating courses.

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