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January 13,14 & 15

The Ultimate Cruising Symposium: Weather, Oceanography, Vessel Strategies & Resources plus Outfitting and Handling all Weather Situations

January 13,14 & 15

This three-day symposium will provide both the beginning & advanced boater (sail or power) substantive knowledge of value, whether coastal or offshore blue water cruising. We will be able to help a boater to understand why, and more importantly how one can predict variable weather scenarios, sea state conditions, plan and execute routing strategies, as well as properly equip and handle your own boat in all weather and sea state situations. The end result is all about gaining confidence in one’s ability to make safe, prudent decisions. We combine meteorological and oceanographic topics, routing strategies employed, and proper boat outfitting, using a combination of lecture as well as “hands on” exercises. Throughout the entire 3-days, there will be ample time for student Q&A & interaction with the instructor(s).

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Days 1 & 2

Lee Chesneau Bio

Frank Bohlen Bio

Featuring Weather, Oceanography, Vessel Strategies & Resources

Lee Chesneau & Frank Bohlen

SATURDAY, JANUARY 13 (8:30am-5pm)
& SUNDAY, JANUARY 14 (9am-5pm)

Salon 105

The atmosphere is a complex system where measurements of variable weather conditions from sea level to the upper levels atmosphere enables us to predict with accuracy in time & space up to 7-days. The results are then transmitted to boaters in a number of formats from graphics, alpha-numeric text, to HF voice, enabling one to translate the information and apply it for safe keeping at sea.

Section outline:

  • Structure and properties of the atmosphere
  • The dynamics of the atmosphere in 3-D
  • Atmospheric circulation patterns
  • Causes of surface winds that impact sea state
  • Scales of weather systems
  • Surface weather systems ( low & high pressure )
  • Surface weather system's features (fronts, troughs, and ridges)
  • The importance of upper level patterns (500 mb) as it relates to the surface
  • Optimum routing: methods and procedures
  • Sources of weather information

Day 3

Pam Wall Bio

Featuring Outfitting and Handling all Weather Situations

Pam Wall

MONDAY, JANUARY 15 (10am – 5pm)

Salon 105

Now that you have all the knowledge gained from Lee Chesneau on weather and Dr. Frank Bohlen on sea conditions, currents, and tides, Pam Wall will now spend the day discussing equipment to have aboard a cruising boat, how to handle a boat in heavy and light air, Hurricane Preparations should you need them, tools to have aboard, times of year for passage making, your personal safety down below and above deck, and much more pertinent information gleaned from many years and many miles and many weather and sea conditions that Pam has encountered. You will come away with handouts, lists, and discussions that will make your life aboard more efficient, safe, and fun!

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Full 3 Day - The Ultimate Cruising Symposium
Featuring Weather, Oceanography, Vessel Strategies & Resources plus Outfitting and Handling all Weather Situations
Saturday , January 13 – Monday, January 15

2 Days Only - The Ultimate Cruising Symposium
Featuring Weather, Oceanography, Vessel Strategies & Resources
Saturday , January 13 & Sunday January 14

1 Day Only - The Ultimate Cruising Symposium
Featuring Outfitting and Handling all Weather Situations
Monday, January 15


Andy Schell & Mia Karlsson Bio(s)

Preparing for Ocean Sailing

Andy Schell & Mia Karlsson

SATURDAY, JANUARY 20 (9am – 5pm)

Salon 105

Based on their years of experience sailing their Swan 48 ‘Isbjorn’, managing the Caribbean 1500 Cruising Rally, and refitting 3 different boats for offshore sailing, Andy Schell & Mia Karlsson will highlight the crucial points in getting your boat and yourself ready for the rigors of deep ocean. The day will be broken down into a variety of topics including: • Outfitting Your Boat • Weather Forecasting • Offshore Safety Standards • Managing Emergencies • Leadership & Watch Rotations • Heavy Weather Sailing Each topic will be focused on distilling best-practices learned from hard-earned experience & lessons we in turn have learned from our mentors. Finally, we’ll touch on the philosophical & spiritual aspects of ocean sailing that make voyaging worth pursuing.

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