Indoor Lake

An engineering marvel, the world's largest indoor lake for boaters returns to chase away those mid-winter blues!

World's Largest Indoor Lake for Boaters

The Lake presented by Aviva

We are SO EXCITED to welcome everyone back together, in person!

Get out on the water in January, and enjoy FREE boat rides in a canoe, kayak, or pedal boat.

Grab a seat on shore to watch professional wakeboarders, wakeskaters and waterskiers perform shows that will make your jaw drop!

Sign up for wakeboard and waterski lessons and learn from the experts!  And so much more!!

Programming will be added over the next week so check back!

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Winter Wakefest - The Wakeboard Show

Catch the action and friendly competition on The Lake, with pro wakeboard/wakeskate riders wowing audiences with their spectacular grinds, tricks, and flips! Watch as they launch off The Lake's official dock (provided by EZ Dock) to hit the rails and test their skills and athletic ability!

Meet & Greet! Drop by the Ontario Wake Booth E106 in Cottage Country after each show to meet the riders and learn more about the sport!
Daily show giveaways!!

Weekend Performances on The Lake.
Show giveaways courtesy of Wow Watersports!

Check Back for the Full Lake Schedule.

Boarder Pass Softub WOW

The Crazy Mad Scientist Water Ski Show

You won’t want to miss this water ski show!!  Get ready to be entertained, fun for the whole family!

Summer Water Sports is located in Muskoka, Ontario and has been performing water ski shows across Canada since 1990, they keep the family cottage tradition going at the boat show this year. The shows are packed with entertainment for all ages. Come watch members of the Canadian National Ski Show Team and Team SWS as they thrill audiences with death defying stunts and comedy for the kids. SWS can design, produce and perform adrenaline packed water sports shows at a location of your choice, check us out at Summerwatersports.com.

Weekend Ski Shows on the Lake!

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Let’s Go Boating – FREE BOAT RIDES

Get set to Discover Boating: From kayaking, pedal boats, and water bikes! The Lake welcomes all levels and types of boaters!

Sign up for your FREE boat ride on the water! (Sign-up is at The Lake entrance at the east side connected to Cottage Country.)

Pick up your life jacket then make your way across The Lake's official dock (provided by EZ Dock).

Boat Rides Available Everyday!

Waivers will be available on site and in advance of your visit.

Check Back for the Full Lake Schedule.

EZDock Clear Water Design Fogh Marine Red Shark Bikes Canada

Remote Control Sailing Regatta

Come watch the radio-controlled sailboats, as they compete on the indoor lake in a regatta series. Sailors of all ages and skill levels race these miniature boats around a racecourse using wind powered through giant fans.

Don’t miss the weeknight fun!

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RCYC Dragonforce

Go Wakeboarding & Learn from the Pros!

Go wakeboarding in January? In Ontario? No problem – just head to the world’s largest indoor lake for boaters to check out the action and sign up for fun on the water!

Guided by expert instructor from Border Pass you can receive hands-on wakeboarding instruction.

When you arrive at the show, make your way to the east entrance to The Lake (connected to Cottage Country) to sign up.  There are sessions each day, with participation on a first-come, first service basis.

No experience required but those wanting to wakeboard should feel comfortable in the water and be able to swim.  All equipment provided: boards, dry suits and lifejackets.

Please note:  Dry suit sizes are not available for smaller kids, therefore, smaller kids may not be able to participate for their own safety & comfort with the water being on 12C. Even with dry suits, there is not guarantee that boarders will stay 100% dry.  You may want to bring a bathing suit for them to wear under the dry suit.  Some height restrictions.

Fill out the Family Waiver AND General Adult Waiver to save you time.  Print and bring both with you.
Waivers will also be available on site.

Check Back for the Full Lake Schedule.​​​​​​​

Boarder Pass

Toronto Indoor Stand up Paddle (SUP) Races & SUP Relay Sprint Race

One Day Only, Saturday, January 28

Don’t miss SUP Saturday at The Lake.  Athletic excellence is showcased as top stand-up paddleboard compete in SUP Races and Relay Sprint Races.

Sup Races:

Sup Relay Sprint Races:

Check Back for the Full Lake Schedule.​​​​​​​

SUP NorthLine

World Championship Indoor Sea Flea Races

Daily entertaining shows that demonstrate sea fleas driven by skilled operators. Come learn more about the building of sea fleas and the sport of sea flea racing!

Kids & Classics promote youth skills development (home building projects), the eco friendly use of building boats out of wood, the camaraderie of participating in the growing number of events for sea fleas and safe boating training beginning at an early age.

Learn more about Kids & Classics at The Lake, in the Galleria Lobby and at kidsandclassics.com


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