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Show Information

Show Rules & Regulations

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Insurance & Limits of Liability

Guidelines & Procedures

Toronto Boat Show Order Forms

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Show Information


First Look Friday:
Friday, January 20, 12:00pm – 7:00pm
Media, Trade, Public Preview Day

General Show Days:

Monday - Friday, January 23 - 2711:00 am - 7:00 pm
Saturdays, January 21 & 2810:00 am - 6:00 pm**
Sunday, January 2210:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sunday, January 2910:00 am – 5:00 pm

**The Saturday hours published are 10:00am to 6:00pm, but if there is a significant line-up of attendees waiting to enter the show prior to 10am, doors may open to the public as early as 9:30am to clear the lobby of long line ups. All exhibitors are to be in their booths on Saturdays between 9:30am – 6:00pm ready for business.

All exhibits must remain staffed and intact until the official show closing at 5:00pm on Sunday, January 29.


Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place
100 Princes’ Blvd.
Exhibition Place
Toronto, Ontario
M6K 3C3
Telephone: 416-263-3000
Fax: 416-263-3029


Salon 103, Exhibit Hall A

Show Office will open two hours prior to show opening and close one-half hour after show closing each day. Our staff is eager to assist with any questions or problems you have before, during and after the show. If you need one of the Toronto Boat Show staff to come by your display, please advise the show office. The show office phones will be effective Monday, January 16, 2023.

Telephone: 905-951-0009
Fax: 855-263-8675


The Will Call Desk is in the Show Office, Salon 103. Staffed daily to ensure efficient ticket pick up. Help us better serve your customers by bringing will call ticket requests - to the show office when lines are shortest at the end of day. This allows sufficient time to ensure Will Call tickets are ready and waiting when your customers arrive the following morning. Please print legibly and arrange large numbers of Will Calls by last name, in alphabetical order, to avoid processing delays.

Name badges are not to be left at Will Call.


Every person on the exhibit floor during the show dates requires a name badge: Exhibitors and Working Dealers.

Exhibitors and Working Dealers will have access to the show floor 2 hours prior to show opening, by showing their name badge at one of the show entrances. Once the show opens, a badge AND photo ID will be required to enter. Security will also be routinely checking the show floor for badges. Badges ordered online before January 4th will be mailed and after this date badges will be held in the show office (salon 103) for pick up.

Click Here to Order Exhibitor & Working Dealer Badges


For those in the marine industry attending the show – not working an exhibit. This badge will allow you on the show floor during show hours only, at the Toronto International Boat Show and the Vancouver International Boat Show. Badges continue to be free to NMMA/Boating Ontario and Boating BC members, if badge request is received prior to January 1st, 2023. The cost for each marine trade after January 1st and for all non-member trade badges is $22.00 (incl HST).

Click for Trade Badge Form

OFFICIAL SHOW HOTELS - Book before December 27 for the Boat Show rate

Sheraton Centre Toronto

123 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5H 2M9
Telephone: 416-361-1000 Fax: 416-947-4801
Toll free 1-888 627 7175

Traditional Room (Single/Double) $199/night
Club Level (Single/Double) $288/night
Large Parlour Suite (with King Bed) $263/night

Westin Harbour Castle

1 Harbour Square, Toronto, Ontario M5J 1A6
Telephone: 416-869-1600 Fax: 416-361-7448
Toll free 1-888 627 8559

Traditional Room (Single/Double) $199/night

Chelsea Hotel Toronto

Chelsea Rooms - One Queen Bed or Two Double Beds $159
Classic Rooms - One Queen Bed or Two Double Beds $239
Kitchenette Studio - One King Bed $259

Reservation By Phone: (1 800) 243-5732 or (416) 595-1975 and ask to reserve in the "Toronto International Boat Show" room block.

There is No shuttle bus service provided from this hotel.

Note: Once the cutoff date has passed (December 27), unused rooms in the group block will be released, any additional requests after the cutoff date will be subject to availability and prevailing selling rates.


The Show Hotels are located right in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Sheraton Centre:

Valet Parking is available at the Sheraton Centre, reduced parking rates are available at the City Hall Municipal Green P Parking Lot underground of the Sheraton Centre and City Hall. Valet parking is $60 plus HST

Westin Harbour Castle:

Valet parking and indoor self-parking is available at the Westin Harbour Castle, as well as public surface lots within walking distance. Self-Park options – nightly rate varies by lot. Valet Parking $55.00/24 hours – offers in and out privileges

Chelsea Toronto Hotel:

Discounted Self-Parking Rate of $29 per/vehicle, per/day with unlimited in & out privileges


Order your parking pass on-line in advance of January 14th No Exhibitor Passes will be sold online or during move-in after the deadline of January 14th.

10-day pass $110.00 - Surface Pass
10-day pass $160.00 - Underground Pass

Click here to order Parking Pass online.


General Information for all Exhibitors

Click here for Exhibition Place Site Plan.


All vehicles requiring access to 1) show floor 2) loading docks or 3) Manitoba Drive for access to the back buildings will be required to check-in at the staging yard trailer first. A MOVE-IN CARD will be provided giving your vehicle access to the appropriate door or loading dock. NO CARD = NO ACCESS 

A Floor Manager will meet you at your door/dock to assist you with directions and equipment.


The Staging Yard Trailer is located directly south west of the Enercare Centre, in the large parking lot area known as Lot 852 formerly Lot 2.


(Lot 852/ Lot 2) is available for boats and freight trucks beginning December 16, 2022. Exhibitors may utilize the staging yard to pre-stage boats and are to park in the extreme south areas, parallel to Lakeshore Blvd.


  1. Please ensure you don’t block any other boats into their spaces as their move-in time may be earlier than yours
  2. After move-in has finished there cannot be any trailers remaining in this lot; they will be towed. Empty trailers need to be moved to a designated location to be provided by the Staging Yard Coordinator.
  3. The Advance Holding Area does not have round the clock security guard service, however Exhibition Place security maintains hourly patrol of this area. Do not leave any valuables on the boats; utilize trailer locks.


Please check in at the Staging Yard Trailer 30 minutes prior to your target time. All vehicles will need a move-in card to gain access to the show floor. Important to tell staging trailer staff if you require boat handling for bulk space.


Please check in at the Staging Yard Trailer between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm on one of the designated days for booths. Please note that exhibitors with bulk spaces in the Industry Building will be given a targeted move in time.

Staging Trailer staff will issue move in cards to gain access to the show floor. Important to tell staging trailer staff that you do not need boat handling, so that you don’t have to wait unnecessarily.

Please note, due to strict emergency evacuation policies, trucks will only be unloaded onto the show floor as materials are required and space within your exhibit area allows. We ask that all trucks are packed accordingly so that they are unloaded in a systematic way that reflects the order in which items are required. Trucks will not be allowed to unload in aisles, exits, etc. causing main egress routes to be blocked.

There are two different jurisdictions for lift responsibilities.

  1. Amherst Crane: handles the majority of boat handling and positioning; not allowed to unload freight
  2. Lange Transportation (Forklifts/Union 506): handles all other unloading (freight) **Please ensure when you check-in at the Staging Yard Trailer, and when you meet your Floor Manager, that you explain what items specifically require lifting (boat or freight).


Cranes and Forklifts cannot handle goods unless safe, proper skids and cradles are provided by the exhibitor. There is no charge for these services provided guidelines are followed.


are available for SIGN OUT free of charge. You will be required to leave ID – to be returned when you return the dolly. They are available in the Show Office Salon 103, ask any floor manager where this is, and they will be able to assist you. The most efficient way to move in your materials is to bring your own dolly.


Boat Washing is provided at no charge for pre-cleaning boats prior to entering the buildings. The pressurized water will remove direct snow and ice accumulated on route to the show. The mobile wash unit is located in the Staging Yard, Lot Lot2/852.



Storage is also provided during the show if needed. The Staging Yard coordinator can provide a map upon check-in, indicating location.

Empty trailers need to be moved to a designated location, to be provided by the Staging Yard coordinator.

Once an enclosed trailer is unloaded (or loaded), it must be immediately removed from the loading docks – under no circumstances will trucks or trailers be allowed to stay in one of the dock areas.

These storage lots are unsecured areas. We strongly recommend empty trailers be returned to your business or other secure location if possible in order to avoid theft problems.


Storage is provided for empty crates, cartons, skids, etc. Storage stickers can be obtained from the show office or the loading dock Floor Managers. Indicate your company name and booth number on each sticker, and on each crate, and leave the items in the aisles. They will be picked up, stored throughout the show, and returned to your booth by Monday, January 30 at 8:00 am.


All shipments should be addressed to:

“Exhibiting Company Name”

Toronto Boat Show
Exhibit Space #____
c/o Enercare Centre
100 Princes’ Blvd., Exhibition Place
Toronto, Ontario
M6K 3C3


  All shipments will be received at the loading docks and delivered to your exhibit space.


Due to the aisle carpet being laid, and building cleaning process, vehicles will not be permitted on the show floor after the following cut-off times. All exhibitors will need to have their exhibit and product at their respective spaces prior to these times. This will be necessary for the shows' suppliers to have ample time to prepare the hall for opening on First Look Friday (Friday, January 20) at 12:00 pm. If you wish to carry in product to your exhibit after the designated cut-off time that is fine, but you must be ready for 12pm opening in and items must be carried only, or we suggest you use your own dolly and take your garbage off the floor after unpacking.

NO VEHICLES ON THE FLOOR AFTER 6:00 PM ON THURSDAY, JANUARY 19 and all skids, crates to be removed by 6:00 pm.


Boat space exhibitors will begin hearing from Shawn McConnell about their move in date the week of December 6th. Below is a general schedule showing the entire move-in schedule. 

Scheduled Move-In

Boat handling, Set-up & Prep Boats & Displays:


If you have any questions regarding your boat move-in contact Shawn McConnell Phone:  416-574-9826.


Booth exhibitors who have displays varying from the show’s display guidelines, should submit a scaled layout of the exhibit by Wednesday, November 15 (form enclosed in the order form section of the exhibitor kit). The drawings must include all back & sidewalls, office areas, product display and signage. 


All Exhibits must be ready for 12pm show opening on Friday, January 20.

Friday, January 20: Exhibitors will only be allowed to hand-carry or use personal carts/dollies to bring product/display material to spaces.

No vehicles will be permitted on the show floor on Friday.

Forklifts are not available on Friday.

Please assist with all garbage off the show floor prior to 11:00 am on Friday!

Note: There are a few booth exhibitors that have been designated specific times:

  1. Those in front of roll-up doors – on your master floorplan the spaces are marked with a * symbol. Please check your floorplan to ensure you are aware of being “last in, first out” if you are in front of a roll-up door.  
  2. Those booths who may be close to where crane/truck positions are for off-loading; those in East Annex north end - these exhibitors will be contacted directly by Shawn McConnell to designate a more specific target time for your move-in.


By mid-week of the show move-out times will be given.

Aisle Carpet will be rolled up beginning at **5:00pm sharp on Sunday evening.  

**Note new closing time of 5:00 pm 

There will not be any material handling equipment on Sunday night unless you are one of the boat/bulk exhibits required to be out on Sunday evening. The forklifts will be returning all empty crates from storage throughout the night.

Material handling is available Monday and Tuesday from 8am to 5pm.

During move-out, please take as much of your garbage, waste and recyclables as possible with you – skids, crates, large carpet rolls or pieces, etc. Your cooperation helps keep facility costs down, and prevents the need of passing on these expenses.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 29 5pm – 8pmHand carried goods only. No vehicle access permitted on show floor
SUNDAY, JANUARY 29 7pm – 9pm Hall A, B, C & D, “Hook and Go” boats only

Many Boat Exhibitors will be required to move all of their boats and carpet out Sunday evening, and will receive written notification during the show. It is imperative that there be plenty of room for the cranes to get into the middle of the show Monday morning.

MONDAY, JANUARY 30 8am – 6pm Halls A, B, C, D, Heritage Court, East Annex (E), Industry Building (G)
TUESDAY, JANUARY 31 8am – 6pm Halls A, B, C, D & Heritage Court

All Boats must be removed from Exhibition Place Grounds staging yard by Friday, February 10, 2023.


“Out of Country” exhibitors who are coming into Canada with product and/or display material are required to process paperwork through customs. Exhibitors can do this on their own or utilize a Certified Customs Broker for a fee. The show strongly encourages exhibitors from outside of Canada to utilize Cross Connect Customs. The process is very smooth and ensures an enjoyable experience when coming across the border into Canada.

Cross Connect Contacts: Pat D’Alessandro at 416-726-7229
Amy Salick 416-639-2176 x 111,
Anthony D’Alessandro 416-670-6606,


During the show dates, there will be complimentary shuttle buses that run from the 2 official hotels for those guests staying at the Sheraton Centre and Westin Harbour Castle.

The Chelsea Hotel will NOT be running a shuttle bus.

New this year, we will be issuing a Bus Pass to be presented each time you ride the bus. The Bus Pass will be issued when you check in to the Sheraton and Westin Harbour Castle.

This is non-transferable pass to be used by guests of the official hotels only.

Shuttle schedule to be posted in Galleria Lobby Hall B in the newsletter and website.


Booth Spaces

Backdrops and low curtain railings are included in the space rental. Both the show’s aisle carpet and draping will be solid black. Any other colour requests for draping may be ordered from GES Canada and are to be paid for by the exhibitor. Please note: Eight-foot high sidewalls may only project 4’ from the back wall of a booth exhibit.

Bulk Spaces

Low curtain railings are not provided for bulk areas. Should exhibitors require drape for divisional purposes, it can be ordered from GES Canada and are to be paid for by the exhibitor. The height parameters are outlined in the display guidelines section of the kit.


There are a limited number of meeting rooms available at the Enercare Centre. The rooms cost $400 per day/meeting (plus HST). Groups utilize the rooms for committee meetings, hospitality, training, etc. Additional charges apply for audiovisual equipment and food service. Contact Niamh Conlan (905) 951-0009.


There will be one exhibitor lounge. This room will provide private facilities for meetings with trade or fellow exhibitors, free wifi, during show days. Passes are required for entry. It is located in Salon 102 (beside the Show Office).


Booth cleaning is not provided by show management prior to show open or the final show weekend. Exhibitors are strongly encouraged to vacuum their space themselves with their own equipment in order to keep costs minimal. Outside cleaning companies will not be allowed to vacuum exhibit space unless they have an agreement with Union Local 506. Booth cleaning can be provided by the Enercare Centre – please see the order form in the Exhibitor Kit under Booth Cleaning.


Fraudulent calls and letters do get sent to exhibitors with misleading information most recently Fair Guide The Exhibitors Directory Guide.  These parties claim to represent the Toronto Boat Show, we ask that you remain cautious about entering into agreements or contracts, or releasing personal information – particularly credit card information – to any callers claiming to represent the Toronto Boat Show.

Kerrwil Media Limted is the official Toronto International Boat Show directory/show guide provider and producer. You should be hearing from Judy Richardson.

We have also experienced a travel agency not affiliated with the Toronto Boat Show contacting exhibitors. We strongly recommend you do not return their calls or provide them with any of your personal information.

Please be aware that this company is making calls under false pretenses claiming they represent hotels for the Toronto Boat Show. The Toronto Boat Show is not connected with them in any way. The caller may state they've noticed you haven't made your hotel reservation, or that the hotel room block is full and they can take your reservation.
The Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, Westin Harbour Castle, Chelsea Hotel are the ONLY official hotels for the 2023 Toronto Boat Show -- and exhibitors are to make their reservations directly, as they have done in the past.
Please feel free to contact our office at any time to confirm if a caller is an official show supplier or to report suspicious calls.


The media office will be located inside the main entrance of the show (Room A2). It will be staffed by Centric PR periodically during the show. The schedule will be posted on the door, if room is unattended, please come to the show office salon 103. Any advance publicity information, and information on site, should be forwarded to Tran Nguyen, Centric PR, 416-220-4285 /


“Your office away from the Office”

You will find office supplies, photocopy services and more! Your customers can find rental equipment such as: wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, strollers, and wagons.

Open During Move-In:
Tuesday Jan 1710 - 5
Wed Jan 1810 - 5
Thursday Jan 1910 - 5
Open Every Show Day:
Friday Jan 2010 - 7
Saturdays (Jan 21 & 28)9 - 6
Sunday, Jan 229 - 6
Weekdays (23 – 27)10 - 7
Sunday, Jan 299 – 5


For Telecommunications, Internet, Signage and Housekeeping, contact the Exhibitor Services at 416-263-3064 or It is located beside Salon 106 in the Galleria Lobby, by the escalator of Hall B.

No Exhibitor Passes will be sold online or during move-in after the deadline of January 14th.

Contact information during Order desk hours of operation


Food services at the show are contracted to OVG Hospitality, under an exclusive contract with the Enercare Centre. All catering requirements within your display, and any special receptions must be handled by OVG Hospitality. Outside food service vendors are not permitted to bring food into the Enercare Centre (which includes exhibits). Any exhibitor planning to conduct food or beverage sampling in their exhibit must first notify and receive written approval from Show Management and OVG Hospitality.

OVG Hospitality

Enercare Centre, Queen Elizabeth, Better Living Centre

100 Princes’ Blvd
Suite #1
ON, M6K3C3

Catering Requests to: Christine Frankie, or Kseniya Dekker, GM, OVG Hospitality C: 647-806-2462,


Shows often appear to have a lot of rules and regulations. The reason is to provide a fair and level “playing field” on the show floor for all exhibitors. In this section we will highlight some of the very important rules that pertain to the Toronto International Boat Show. It is necessary that all exhibitors adhere to these guidelines to avoid problems and conflicts on site. Thank you for your co-operation.

Please note that the reverse side of your exhibit space contract outlines the Boat Show Terms, Rules and Regulations (copy enclosed). Also the section titled “Regulations and Display Guidelines” is also a binding part of your space agreement. Please read these guidelines.


A reminder that the 2023 exhibitor spaces include $2 million commercial general liability coverage at the show (does not include property and product). It also includes the appropriate additional insureds added, provided by

The amount of $159 for the coverage is included in your space cost.

Exhibitors that have their own insurance AND provide their certificate that meets the show & venue’s requirements (including additional insureds) by December 15, 2022, will receive a refund from Canadian Boat Shows of $159 following the show.

For exhibitors that have their own insurance: Ensure certificates meet the criteria outlined below and upload via the link to a portal managed by, the official 2023 insurance supplier. Certificates will be collected through the portal, reviewed and exhibitors will be contacted via email if there are any changes to be made.

Insurance certificate criteria: All exhibitors and contractors are required to carry commercial general liability insurance of not less than $2 million, covering move in/out and show dates (January 13 - 31, 2023)

Policy must include the following additional insureds: Toronto International Boat Show, Canadian Boat Shows Inc., City of Toronto, The Board of Governors of Exhibition Place, Enercare Inc., Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Partnership, BPC Coliseum Inc., OVG Hospitality, Sypher & Associates Field Engineering Ltd., and their respective directors, officers, and employees (collectively the “indemnifies”).

Upload certificates Submit Here


Insurance questions please contact


Enercare Centre is a non-smoking facility, as per the City of Toronto bylaws. Smoking is permitted only within designated areas at exterior of Enercare Centre as allowed by law. This policy includes e-cigarettes, the use of which is not permitted in the City of Toronto buildings. Under the City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 709–Smoking. In Toronto, it is against the law to smoke within 9 metres of an entrance or exit of any building that is used by the public.


All products exhibited must be for marine use. A sampling of non-marine product representing a company’s other divisions may be approved by show management in advance. Other products will be limited to one item from each non-marine category, and may not exceed 20% of the exhibit space.  

Exhibit contents are limited to those products identified and approved on the show contract, and approved by the manufacturer.

Exhibitors may show marine products which they manufacture, distribute or retail. Where other related products are required for demonstration purposes, exhibitors must secure permission in writing from Show Management.

Engines mounted on boats are permitted, but engines on stands in exhibits of non-engine manufacturers are prohibited. Exhibit sponsors may not advertise in their associate’s booths.

Exhibitors can display up to 20% of the 2022 model year products and the balance to be 2023 product. All boats displayed must be new.


Enercare Centre requires exhibitors to adhere to all Collective Agreements in place between Exhibition Place and the following Unions:

These agreements impact the way in which work needs to be done on site and union labour must be hired when work in your space involves these trades.  

Due to the nature of exhibitors’ displays, there are two main union locals that exhibitors tend to hire on a regular basis: Local 506 (general labour including material handling, carpet laying, modular exhibits / flooring and cleaners) and Local 27 (carpentry work including display construction, scaffolding and resilient flooring).  

Labour for installation & dismantling can be ordered by through GES.  


Motorized vehicles (cars, trucks, SUV’s, ATV’s) are not permitted in the boat show exhibits without the Show Manager’s written approval.


The Enercare Centre does not permit the operation of engines or display vehicles of any type inside the facility, unless permit approval has been received from the Enercare Centre. Permits will not be issued for Halls A, B, C, D.


No fuel may be stored in portable containers, Brand new boats from the factory, that have yet to be filled with fuel, show be left empty. If fuel remains in the tank – fuel tanks should not contain in excess of one-half of the capacity, so half tank at most or less. All fuel tanks must have locking gas caps or be taped closed. Batteries must be disconnected from ignition systems.

RETAIL SELLING (Cash and Carry)

Cash and carry retailing is limited to those exhibitors who have exhibit space in the designated retail areas: East Annex (Hall E) and Industry Building (Hall G). Over-the-counter retail selling (cash and carry) is not permitted in the Main Hall (Halls A, B, C, D and Heritage Court) with the exception of publications and logo’d merchandise matching approved brands on display (ie: boats, engines). This rule will be strictly enforced.


Exhibitors are required to always maintain staff in their exhibits during the hours of the show (including First Look Friday – opening at 12:00pm on Friday, January 20). The buying public is on the floor until the last minute of the show and expects exhibitors to be present. Security is an added problem when exhibits are not manned. Note: Closing time on the final Sunday is 5:00pm, please plan to staff your booth until this time.


Any space not claimed and occupied or for which special arrangements have not been made prior to 1:00pm Friday, January 20, 2023 may be resold or re-assigned by Show Management, without obligation on the part of the Toronto International Boat Show or Canadian Boat Shows for any refund whatsoever. Please contact us on-site if you have a last minute emergency! If you cannot move into your display prior to 1pm on Friday, January 20, please call Show Management at (905) 951-0009 to make special arrangements.


No exhibitor may sublet any portion of his allocated exhibit space to another supplier or dealer without the expressed written consent of show management.


Audio Visual equipment must be kept at sound levels which do not interfere with other exhibitors. Large screen audio visual presentations must be designed and regulated such that the viewing audience is contained within the confines of the rented exhibit space only.  All large screen A/V presentations must be approved in advance by Show Management and require union labour (IATSE).


All signs must be professionally produced – hand drawn signs are not permitted! Exhibitors are permitted to display signs representing their products only in those areas for which they have contracted space. See Display Guidelines document for specific sizes and restrictions.

Halo Banners with covered bottoms are permitted in Enercare Centre as long as they are under 800 sq. ft. made of flame retardant material, hung 18 ft. below sprinkler heads, secured with chains/cabling that support the load and are 30 ft. apart from another Halo Banner with covered bottom. Should you wish to use a Halo Banner with covered bottom in the venue please inform the exhibitor services representative from Enercare Centre when placing your order for banner hanging services to ensure the banner specifications and proximity of your banner will be approved. Verification of flame retardant material must also be provided with submission.


All exhibit areas are required to have floor coverings (carpet, tiles, plastic, etc…). All floor coverings are to be installed without trip hazards (such as lumps, loose edges, raised edges, etc.). Edges need to be secured using approved carpet tape (see below). 

As much as possible, cables should be placed under highly visible cable mats/runners or secured overhead. Where cables are placed on top of floors/carpet or under carpets the trip hazard needs to be highlighted so that they may be seen and secured in place. Large cables should have ramps in place and single steps, change in floor level or low level protruding display parts should be highlighted using signage or bright coloured tape.


Use of guaranteed residue-free double-sided carpet tape must be used to ensure your company does not incur cleaning charges. 174-Scapa (residue-free approved tape) can be obtained from Pillar Tapes at a cost ranging from $18 to $24 - call 416-665-4646. Approved tape will also be sold by GES on-site during all move-in days.


Aisle space may not be used for exhibit purposes, or for general solicitation of business. Distribution of literature or other exhibit material is forbidden outside the immediate exhibit area.


Box trailers are not permitted within exhibit spaces without written approval from Show Management prior to show opening. Approval may be granted subject to location, size and use of trailer.  


No helium filled balloons are allowed in the show, only air filled can be used if made of non-latex. Exceptions will be made if submitted in advance to the Show Manager and plans are approved in writing. Approvals may be granted to companies accepting costs to remove any balloons released into the ceilings.


Any solicitation of tips should be reported to Show Management immediately – Tipping is forbidden. Please do not offer gratuities for “favoured treatment”, this benefits no one and is unfair to your fellow exhibitors.


All exhibits must conform to the Ontario Fire Marshall’s regulations with regards to fire proofing. All display materials such as fabric, carpeting, signage etc. must be fireproofed or made of a fire retardant material. For information, contact: Toronto Fire Prevention Bureau, City Hall, Toronto, (416) 338-9350. There are many companies that provide fireproofing services listed online.

Tents and covered structures refer to Safety & Structural Guidelines document  

All exhibitors with a fire hose cabinet located within their space are required to leave a minimum 3’ clearance in front of the cabinet for easy access. Fire extinguishers and pull stations must remain visible and accessible. 


Exhibitors are encouraged to offer promotional prizes as a means to encourage sales of displayed products or services. Programs of this nature must be “free entry” or offered as “added value” in conjunction with an immediate product or service purchase. Entrants must be able to enter the contest without purchasing an admission ticket to the Toronto International Boat Show, in order to comply with Ontario Lottery Laws.

Raffles and contests requiring a “payment to win” or for “fundraising” purposes are not permitted without the expressed written permission of Show Management.


  1. the Electrical Safety Code, Ontario Regulations 794/80, requires that all electrical equipment must be approved before it may lawfully be advertised, displayed, offered for sale, sold, or otherwise disposed or used in the Province of Ontario.
  2. It is therefore the responsibility of each exhibitor to ensure that all electrical equipment in, on, or about his or her booth comply with the above regulation. This includes electrical merchandise, extension cords, lighting and display equipment.
  3. Electrical equipment for which approval is sought shall be submitted to the Canadian Standards Association, 1-800-463-6727 or The approval of this Association is acceptable to all electrical inspection authorities in Canada. You are referred to them for details of procedure.
  4. One of the fundamental requirements for Canadian Standards Association certification is that appropriate approval markings (C.S.A. monogram or label) appear on each device. If such markings are missing, the device must be considered unapproved and therefore, subject to special inspection and possible removal from the exhibit.
  5. If you wish to display, offer for sale, or use any electrical equipment which is not now certified by Canadian Standards Association, it is first necessary to submit the equipment to the Electrical Safety Authority.
  6. Should any of this equipment not conform, it is recommended that you require temporary “permission to show” while the necessary electrical approval certification is being sought.
  7. Please contact: Electrical Safety Authority, 1-877-372-7233.
  8. Failure to comply could result in the equipment being refused connection to the electrical supply, and/or ordered removed from the exhibit.


Clamps on portable spotlights shall be protected from metal to metal contact by having electrical insulating pads or wrappings permanently attached to the clamps. Spotlights on a free standing structure (i.e. pole) must be either secured to a structure or placed out of the way in the booth in such a way to prevent it from being bumped or knocked over.


All cradles must be freshly painted or skirted in time for show opening to present an acceptable appearance to the trade and public. Skirting is available from GES Canada.


Cinder blocks or any other modular blocking will not be allowed due to their tendency to break, shatter or crumble when stacked unbounded. Boats may be displayed on Styrofoam blocks with advanced Show Management approval. Otherwise the following guideline will apply:

  1. Boats that require blocking shall be blocked using wood.
  2. Blocking shall be done on a surface that will safely bear the weight of the boat, in addition to the loads that can reasonably be expected to be on the boat at any one time during the duration of the show.
  3. Where blocking is more than two tiers high, it shall be cribbed or crossed.
  4. Where only one or two tiers of blocking is used, the height of the blocking shall not exceed the total width of the base of the blocks being used. 


BOAT LISTING SERVICE- Search Boats on Display

Exhibitors and Consumers both benefit by the website hosting a listing of all boats to be display at the Toronto Boat Show. This will help to advertise boats as consumers pre-shop the show, helping to create more leads and onsite sales. is the Show’s supplier for the boat listing service and creating the virtual showroom.

Boating Listing Information


Submit your New Products by November 23

Free Exposure!

If you have new products/services for 2023, we want to hear from you! We want to tell consumers and media about your New & Innovative Products – this is FREE publicity and exposure for you.

The information you send may be used in the following ways:

  1. Toronto Boat Show Website – New Product Showcase on the home page
  2. Publicity Opportunities with Media
  3. On-site recognition (helium balloon)

New products and services submitted by exhibitors will be eligible for an increased opportunity for media publicity and recognition on the website. Let your customers discover what you have available in your booth even before they enter the show!

Submit New Products online.


Connect with your Customers on TIBS Social Media! Relevant industry and boating content will be posted on all social media platforms so we encourage you to CONNECT with your customers. Make sure to: Like us, retweet us, post on Instagram and upload your videos to Youtube. Let's Get Social and work together @TorontoBoatShow and #TOBoatShow


Deadline December 9

If you would like to advertise in the Official Boat Show – Show Guide (Print or Digital), published by Adastra Media Inc. in conjunction with Kerrwil Media Limited Publications, please contact Judy Richardson, at 905-476-9685 or by email at


Deadline December 22

Take advantage of this great marketing opportunity for your business, thank your customers!

Electronic Exhibitor Guest Tickets are available if you would like more information contact Niamh Conlan at 905 951-0009 or

Click Here for Exhibitor Guest Ticket Order Form.


Sponsored by Royal Bank of Canada

We all know the “Toronto Boat Show is the best place to see a boat and the best place to buy one”. The Buy-A-Boat Promotion is an additional incentive for your customers that when they buy a boat at the show they leave a winner! win $10,000 towards the purchase of their boat! The customer simply fills out an entry ballot at the show office (Salon 103) or at the boat dealer’s exhibit and they are automatically entered into the $10,000 draw taking place on the last day of the show.

To help facilitate the process for dealers, show staff will drop off pads of ballots and help with the daily collection of completed ballots.

For every entry your customers submit, your name will also be entered for a chance to win a daily draw of $100.00 cash! The $100.00 daily draw will take place at the close of the show every day and will be announced in the daily Exhibitor Newsletter the following morning.


For sponsorship of show features and branding opportunities in public spaces (show hotel and Enercare Centre) contact John Derlis 905 951-4050.


For information on Toronto International Boat Show website ads contact Judy Richardson, 905 476-9685.


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